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Getting Started With Basic Exercises

Chest Press

Chest presses are basic exercises that are excellent for your triceps, shoulders, as well as for your chest. The movements are also very simple too. You only need to push objects away and then near your body. There are also a number of equipments that you can use for chest presses. Common ones are the dumbbells and the barbells. Another option can be the elastic tubing with sturdy objects at both ends.

However, you should keep in mind that what matters most in chest press – and in other basic exercises, for that matter – is that you have fluid, right movements. What machines you use does not have that much impact.

Biceps Curl

The biceps curl is one of the basic exercises that are focused in developing your muscles, specifically your biceps. The principle is also highly similar to that of the chest press. You can make use of cable units and even hydraulic devices when it comes to exercising your biceps. Nevertheless, if you don’t have time to go to a gym, or you can’t afford any of these complicated equipment for your basic exercises, a dumbbell will do. Ensure, though, that you have picked the right one for you.


You can also opt to develop different parts of your body at one time in your basic exercises. One good example is rowing, which can give you better muscles in your upper back and biceps. There are also various kinds of rows, and you simply have to select that you feel most comfortable with. Needless to say, once you feel like you’ve already reached plateau or the movements, you can proceed to more complicated movements or row types.

Leg Curl

The hamstrings at the back of your thighs are muscles that are often ignored in basic exercises, and yet they should be developed. This is because they can become a haven of fat deposits. Exercising them will also give you much leaner and shapely legs. Leg curls, one of the basic exercises, are described the bending of your knees until you can feel the hamstrings contracting. You can make use of machines, such as the leg curl equipment, or you can opt for the good dumbbell as well as the stability ball, which you will place in between your feet. Nevertheless, you should be able to curl your legs properly, so it may be ideal if you can perform the exercise while you’re on the floor, facing down.

The basic exercises are perfect for beginners, just to let you get a feel of the right way to move your body. However, you shouldn’t settle there. Always move on to the next level in your basic exercises, especially when you’re getting used to them. Otherwise, you will feel bored and return to your couch-potato routine.