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The Importance Of Basic Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ in the body, it covers you from head to toe. It covers approximately nineteen square feet, so basic skin care is very important. It is very important because this is the primary organ that protects you from outside factors.

You need to take care of your skin just like the way that you care for your other body parts. There are several basic skin care regimens that you should know in order to maintain the glow of your skin.

Factors to consider for basic skin care

Basic skin care regimens are the things that you do in order to maintain the glow of your skin. These are also the steps or procedures that you follow to prevent premature aging of the skin.

Sun or Sunlight. As much as possible, avoid any exposure to the sun especially from 10am to 3pm. This is the time when the sunrays are harmful to the skin. The basic skin care against the sunlight is to use sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection and with at least SPF15. You can also use an umbrella or cap, long sleeved clothing and long pants whenever you go out to protect you from direct sunlight. You should also use sunglasses to protect the areas around your eyes.

Smoking. The basic skin care against smoking is not to smoke at all. The nicotine and other components from the cigarettes cause the skin to loose water. Instead of delivering oxygenated blood to the skin, these components take its place. This likewise causes the skin to look dull and gray.

Alcohol. Once alcohol is taken in, it dehydrates and hinders proper circulation of the blood. Once the circulation is impeded, the nutrients as well as the oxygen cannot properly go to the skin.

Stress. This applies to both environmental and emotional stress. The pressure that you experience will greatly affect the glow of your skin. Once you are under pressure, you tend to neglect other things like good food and complete rest. At the same time, you will tend to be attracted to bad elements such as alcohol and smoking. The basic skin care against stress is to take things smoothly. Do not be pressured, instead relax and take things naturally.

Nutrition. The basic skin care starts with the food that you take in. Making sure that you include fruits and vegetables in your diet everyday. These help in providing the vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain the glow and elasticity of the skin.

Everyday basic skin care

Aside from the factors that are stated above, here is several basic skin care that applies to almost all types of skin.

  1. Wash your face at least twice a day. Once in the morning when you get up and another before going to bed. This is to wash away the dead cells or dirt and dust that have accumulated.
  2. Do not hold, prick or squeeze your pimples. The more you hold or touch the pimples, the more scar it can create.
  3. Clean every part of your skin. Do not forget areas like the elbows, knees and heels. These areas need moisturizers to prevent dryness.
  4. Be careful with the things or products that you apply, especially on your face. There are strong products that cause more damage than repairs. Always consult a dermatologist if you have problem with your skin.

Do the basic skin care everyday. Do not neglect any of it no matter how tired you are.