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The Amazing Effectiveness Of The Cabbage Soup Diet

Have you heard of the cabbage soup diet? It’s basically a special type of weight loss diet where you only have to consume large amounts of the soup for a span of a week. Usually, it’s been referred to as a fad diet. This is because it is basically short term. Moreover, it doesn’t require too much commitment from you. It’s known to be one of the best ways to go if you like to lose weight faster and more effectively.

Inspiring cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet has inspired different kinds of diets too. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why we already have the Sacred Heart soup diet, miracle soup diet, as well as Russian peasant diet. They all followed the same principle established by the cabbage soup diet. For one, you are bound to shed 10 pounds in your weight within a week. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it! Well, you are also sharing the same sentiments with other medical experts. They believe that the most that you can lose for every month is a mere 2 pounds.

Other effects of the cabbage soup diet

There are other possible effects when it comes to the cabbage soup diet. For example, it has been assumed that what you are going to lose is not really fats but water. Thus, your weight loss is absolutely not permanent. Second, you’re going to shy away with protein for so many days. That’s why, for those who are into the cabbage soup diet, they are usually having problems with their memory. They seem to lack proper concentration, and they become weak. After all, protein is one of your main sources of power and energy. Moreover, there is a high level of sodium in the diet. This is to ensure that the soup will be given flavor. However, as they say anything bad isn’t good.

Coping with the cabbage soup diet

For those who have tried out the cabbage soup diet, they will definitely tell you that it’s going to be far from perfect, especially when it comes to taste. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you have to content yourself with its blandness. What you can do is to add a number of spices, which you can add to the soup. You can check out the Internet for any recommendations.

The plan for the cabbage soup diet

There are many variations to the cabbage soup diet, depending on what type of recipe you are trying to follow. Yet, the majority of them are composed of onions, cabbage, as well as tomatoes. You can also add tomato juice and onion soup mix, among others.

The cabbage soup diet has also assigned particular foods that can only be eaten at a specific day. For example, on your first day, you can take in any type of fruits. However, you should avoid eating any bananas. You can end a meal with black coffee, tea, juice, or even simply plain water. Thinking of a cabbage soup diet? Don’t forget to take the necessary precautions. Most of all, refer your decision to your physician.