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Cellulites And Their Causes

Have you seen changes to your body lately? Have you noticed that there are several bulges on several areas that were not present before? As people age, there are several changes that happens in the body. After the adolescent period of an individual, changes can occur in his or her body. One of these changes is the appearance of cellulites. Also, cellulites are more visible in women as compared with men. These are usually found in the areas of the body like the thigh, abdomen and buttocks.

Types of cellulites

There are two types of cellulites. These are the hard and soft cellulites. The hard type is usually found in active female individuals like dancer and runners. This type of cellulite is more difficult to see because it does not elevate from the body. It adheres to the muscles directly. Another type is the soft cellulites. The soft type is more visible because it occupies larger parts of the body and at the same time, floats from the muscle. This causes the muscles to have a sagging look. Since it is loose in structure, it is easier to remove this type of cellulite.

How to distinguish cellulites from normal fat

It is very easy to spot cellulite. These are fats that show dimples or ripple-like structures. These are similar to the skin of an orange fruit. It also looks whiter compared with the other parts of the skin. You can differentiate cellulites easier because you can pinch it easily and it feels cold when being touched.

Causes of cellulites

There are several causes for the appearance of cellulites. One of which is the hormonal change that happens to the body of an individual. Whenever there are changes that happen in the body, the imbalance causes changes in the blood circulation and connective tissues, thereby causing the fats. Hormonal imbalance happens during the puberty stage, pregnancy stage and menopausal stage.

Another cause is aging. Cellulites usually appear after the puberty stage and usually more visible at the start of age 30. This is because when you age, the skin becomes less elastic and at the same time, the skin is also starting to thin out. This causes the fats to be more visible. One more cause of cellulites is the lack of exercise. Since an individual doesn’t get to be active. The calories are not burned forming fats that are deposited in visible areas such as buttocks, arms and legs.

Aside from these, cellulites may also be caused by tension, fatigue, vices like smoking and alcohol. There are others who blame heredity or genetics to be the cause of cellulites. It may also be a combination of any of these factors.

One’s lifestyle generally affects the appearance of the cellulites in the body. The soft type is easier to remove since it is the more common type. It is done by frequent exercise on the areas where the cellulites appear. It can also be removed through the different products offered in the market.