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Disease Prevention Diet And How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to the food that we eat, we shouldn’t only be conscious of our weight. Most of all, we must be concerned about how we can prevent the occurrence of various types of illnesses. That’s why we need to adhere to a disease prevention diet.

Fibers for your disease prevention diet

It is very important that when you are practicing a disease prevention diet, you need to include fibers. They are very much helpful when you are trying to reduce the level of sugar and cholesterol in your blood. It can also promote better bowel movement.

Fibers, moreover, are quite slow to digest so it’s sensible to think that they can increase your sugar, unlike sweet potatoes and bread. Nevertheless, fibers are not only excellent in keeping yourself healthy, but a disease prevention diet with fibers will help you control your weight too. This is due to the fact that it will help you to always feel full.

With the current trend of fast foods nowadays, however, there seems to be insufficient fibers in our diet. Thus, it’s always best to stress that the disease prevention diet also means including as much as 25 grams of fibers in your daily food intake.

A disease prevention diet with soy

Perhaps you’ve heard about the power of soy when it comes to keeping you healthy. Nevertheless, it’s still always good to repeat them. Soy can actually help you lower your cholesterol. Thus, when it comes to your disease prevention diet, soy can help you fight the development of heart-related illnesses. Furthermore, for women who are adhering to the disease prevention diet, soy can help them deal with menstruation much better. This is because soy is rich in iron, which you need so you can relieve yourself from hot flushes as well as signs of menopause.

Antioxidants for healthier cells and heart on a disease prevention diet

A disease prevention diet should also be comprised by naturally colored foods. These include fruits and vegetables that have green, purple, orange, red and blue hues. They contain certain substances such as carotenoids that provide nutrients to your body. They contain antioxidants that will help clean your body with free radicals. These are actually toxins that are being produced by your body.

There are also other benefits that you can derive from vegetables and fruits that make them worthy to be added in your disease prevention diet. The deep green leafy vegetables, for example, are excellent in preventing the development of colon cancer. The kale as well as white spinach, on the other hand, is fortified with calcium to give you stronger bones.

The role of red tomatoes in your disease prevention diet is providing your body with lycopene, which has been very excellent when it comes to fighting the leading causes of cancer. Carrots and squash are known to provide vitamin A in your body to give you much better eyesight. They can also give you healthier lungs.

The disease prevention diet will allow you to experience life in the most profound way. You can beat stress, lose weight and give yourself a healthy way of living.