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Dry Skin And Know The Signs, Caring For And Causes

There are several skin types for individuals. Among these skin types are normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and combination skin. Dry skin is the type of skin that does not produce enough sebum to moisturize itself. Individuals with dry skin may feel tightness to the skin especially after washing their face with a cleanser.

Signs of dry skin

Among the many signs of a skin type that suffers from dryness, flaking, chapping and cracking are the basic telltale signs of dry skin. This type of skin will be exaggerated when it is exposed to wind and extreme cold and heat. Lack of water or liquid intake may also exacerbate dryness in the skin. Early skin ageing is also another sign of dry skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are testimony to parched skin.

Caring for dry skin

Dry skin needs to be moisturized regularly in order for it to maintain moisture and elasticity of the skin. As much as possible, do not use hot water or hot compresses on your skin. This will further aggravate the dryness and it will show sooner or later. As exaggerated or corny as it seems, spraying your face with a fine mineral water mist during the more heated times of the day will help your skin. Avoid using tap water on dry skin because the deposits in tap water can affect it.

Frequent light skin massages as well as applications of moisturizers will improve the looks of your skin and help prevent fine lines or wrinkles. Applying a moisturizing cream before you sleep will also increase the moisture content of your skin thus helping it look younger and less parched.

Causes of dry skin

Dry skin is usually caused by the underproduction of the oil glands in our skin. It lacks the lubrication and moisture that sebum offers to our skin. Dry skin might also be a seasonal occurrence since exposure to cold during winter may cause this. The dryness in your skin may also be a product of your genes.

One of the primary causes of skin that is dry is a poor diet that lacks that proper nutrition to nourish skin. Taking in lots of fruits and liquids can enhance the beauty and elasticity of our skin. The use of harsh soaps and cleansers also contribute to dry skin. Some beauty products contain ingredients that not only strip away the dirt and grime from our skin but also take away the moisture. This is easy to remedy by using gentler, milder beauty products.

Alcohol and smoking also contribute to dry skin. It is best to minimize their ingestion and use, unless you do not mind having to slather on moisturizers day and night to maintain your skin’s moisture. Some medication and illegal substances are also the culprits of having dry skin.