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Exercises After Baby Is Born For Women

Regaining their body is a major issue for many women. In fact, it is one of the underlying causes of post-partum depression. Exercises after baby is born can help you get in control of your body and mind. It is a question in the minds of many women that when they should begin exercising. The first step in any exercise routine should be, a visit to the doctor’s office. As soon as you get the go ahead from your doctor you can begin your special exercises after baby is born. Exercises after baby is born should normally be started as soon as you feel well enough.

What type of exercises after baby is born?

Kegel exercises are renowned for their effectiveness in helping women to recover and preventing issues like incontinence. You can also try exercises that target the abdomen provided your doctor gives you the go ahead. The exercise intensity in the post-partum period is low and exercises after baby is born are not done for an extended period of time.

A sign of overdoing exercises after baby is born

Only you know your body the best and you should not overdo exercises after baby is born. If you notice any unusual vaginal discharge, it can be a sign that you are overdoing the exercises. You should contact your doctor and ask for advice if the discharge intensifies or does not stop after a while. Although such type of discharge is normal in women when they become more active after the pregnancy. Doctor’s advice should definitely be taken if you do not feel comfortable.

Special considerations for doing exercises after baby is born

Lactating women often notice that their babies may reject their breast milk after they have just exercised. You should feed your baby before you do your exercises as exercising may cause a chemical change in the milk for up to an hour after you have finished exercising. You can do more intense exercises while your child is sleeping in the crib. If you are doing any bonding exercises, you should try to do some of these in a group so that you can help gain from the experience of other mothers around you.

After the first month you can think about increasing the intensity of your workout, however you should remember that everyone has their own pace and you should listen to your body instead of setting unrealistic goals. Your body will perform better and look better if you listen to it. If you have heard stories about breast milk production and exercises after baby is born you should know that there is absolutely no evidence that doing exercises after baby is born in any way has an impact on breast milk production.