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Who Are The Facialists?

You are entrusting your face and your health to a facialist when you allow them to work on your body. They are responsible for the items or products that they apply whenever you set an appointment with a facialist.

Facialists are individuals also known as the aestheticians. These are individuals who primarily work in health clinics and can also do home service to clients, if required. In order to become a certified facialist, one should first undergo training in a cosmetology school and pass the licensing exam. The licensing exam varies from one state to another. There might be a need to have another exam to pass the requirements, if you go to another state for work.

What are the responsibilities or work description of the facialist?

Facialists are the ones who massage and exfoliate the skin with the use of cosmetic products and body treatments. They are also responsible in doing the hydrotherapy and other programs for skin care. Facialists are also responsible in applying make-up, false eyelashes, tattooing of eyebrows and lightening of hair on the body, except for the scalp. They are also the ones who eliminate unwanted hairs with the use of wax, tweezers or depilatories.

Facialists are not allowed to do services that are provided by the cosmetologist. They are also not allowed to perform any action that may lead to bleeding or the release of any form of fluid from the body. Facialists, are likewise, not allowed to give any medical advice to their patients.

Where can you find certified facialists?

Most facialists are found in health clinics and beauty salons that offer facial and body treatments. These individuals work and serve clients most in these places before they are using several equipments that are difficult to transport. The gadgets, which are very much needed in performing facials and the like, are usually heavy and bulky. Home services are only offered for services that do not require the use of the bulky equipments.

How much do facialists earn in their work?

The entry level averages $24,000 annually. This is very limited since they just receive commission from every client that they work with. The pay increases when an individual works at home and owns the business. They can manage their own time and they can also request for the price that they want to collect for the services that they provide for clients.

The pampering that the facialists offer their clients is absolutely relaxing that you will want to avail of their services frequently. The body wraps and facials relieve the tension in the body. It likewise allows the body to have better blood circulation since it enables the body to relax and release the tension and pressure. Once in a while, it is really worth spending some money to pamper yourself.