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For A Healthy, Long And A Happy Life -
Follow A Heart Diet Plan

Why is a heart diet plan important?

These days due to the busy, stressed life routines, and unhealthy food consumption, eating fast food and fat rich meals is making heart problems common. A heart diet plan is the solution for those seriously willing to take good care of themselves and leading a healthy life with their loved ones.

For the heart diet plan you need to have knowledge of foods having large amounts of saturated fat, the types of exercises you need and what habits to quit.

What is a heart diet plan?

The heart diet plan focuses on reducing bad cholesterol intake and the saturated fat content in our diets by eliminating them from the menu. The heart diet plan is based on laying particular focus on fruits, grains and vegetables, all leading to a reduced heart disease possibility.

According to a heart diet plan the fat intake in our routines shouldn’t exceed more than 30% total calories consumed a day.

  1. Saturated fat and poly unsaturated fat consumed ought to be lesser than 10% each of the calories consumed a day
  2. Monounsaturated fat should be around 15% or less of total calories consumed
  3. Cholesterol intake should be less than 300mg a day
  4. Sodium consumption should be less than 3,000mg a day
  5. Avoid chemical based foods having additives in them
  6. Consume high fiber food, lean meat and low fat dairy products

What to do to follow a heart diet plan

For a heart diet plan it is advised to shift to low fat substitutes:

  1. Use skim milk instead of full cream or low fat milk
  2. Use a thin layer of spreads and those too ought to be low fat
  3. Use low fat cheese such as cottage cheese and yogurts
  4. Avoid red meat and rather choose fish or turkey or chicken as a substitute
  5. Buy low fat frozen, processed or packed foods.

What NOT to do when following a heart diet plan

According to a heart diet plan if you feel like having red meat then reduce it to just twice a week in small proportions only. Cook your food in olive oil if possible and remove excess fat from all meat and de-skin it.

Alternate your meals with different combinations of vegetables, beans or lentils to go with your “meat” days. While following a heart diet plan refrain from having deep fried foods, fast-food like burgers, pizza or deep fried chicken, sausages, crisps, mince with fat, salami, cream based cakes and mayonnaise. Make sure you never buy foods with hydrogenated or saturated fats listed in any of the contents.

Along with a heart diet plan it is equally significant to daily exercise and quit smoking, drinking and stress taking habits.