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Juice Fasting: The Do's, The Don'ts And Everything Inbetween

Do you know that your body can be filled with too much toxin just by eating some of the fatty foods? Perhaps you’re not aware of it, but the buildup of such substances in your body can be truly harmful. That’s why you need to detoxify, and one way to do that is to go for juice fasting.

Nature of juice fasts

When speaking of juice fasting, you are actually talking about a very unique type of diet for detoxification. You only have to drink plenty of fruit or vegetable juice, as well as water. That’s it. There’s no type of food that you can take when you’re on a juice fasting. Rather, you are dependent solely on the vitamins and nutrients that you can derive from the fruits and vegetables.

Normally, juice fasting last for a day until 3 days. If you wish to extend the process, you may now need to ask for a medical approval. Your doctor should also be carefully monitoring your health, as you may start to suffer nutrient deficiencies, such as lack in calcium and protein.

What can you concoct in juice fasting

The main rule when it comes to juice fasting is organic, which means you can take anything organic as long as they are in their liquid form. Usually, the best kinds of juices during juice fasts are vegetables. For example, besides the tastiest of them all, carrots are also rich in vitamin A, which can be extremely good for your eyes, as well as beta carotene, which is nontoxic. This implies that you can take in as much carrot juice as you want, though two glasses every day are enough.

Next to carrot juice, a popular choice is the celery juice. However, because it has extremely high contents of sodium, you may have to mix these with other flavors to neutralize the sodium. If you want to fill yourself up with minerals, then you had better drink juices made of bean sprouts or Romaine lettuce. They may look green to you, but they are extremely nutritious and taste very unique.

Many who are going for juice fasting are actually taking in cucumber juice because of their sweet, tangy taste. They are also loaded with vitamins and minerals to help you stay fit and healthy while you’re still in the process of detoxification. Nevertheless, because of the different chemicals being used by supermarkets and farms, you have to make sure that you get to peel them prior to shaking. You don’t like to drink pesticides, do you!

Who couldn't undergo juice fasting

However, if you think that juice fasting is cool for everyone, then you’re definitely wrong. Because of their side effects – which can range from vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and electrolyte loss, among others – juice fasting is definitely not advisable to pregnant and nursing mothers. Children too should be prohibited in undergoing the process. Furthermore, juice fasting is discouraged to anyone who is suffering from diabetes or respiratory illnesses, and those who have just gone through any surgical procedure.