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How And Why The Low Sugar Diet Will Work For You

Sugar is being consumed at an alarming rate each year with each person averaging over 150 pounds of sugar per year. This is much more than we did twenty years ago when we consumed about 120 pounds of sugar a year. Sugar is found in most things we eat including bagels, salt, canned vegetables, vitamins, toothpaste, bread and peanut butter. The low sugar diet came about because of the high levels of sugar in our diet.

What is done in the low sugar diet?

Simply put, the low sugar diet requires you to reduce added sugar in diet. What this translates to is that you have to eliminate or reduce your consumption of certain sugar rich foods in your diet. Things like white bread, bagels, cakes, donuts and sweets. The low sugar diet does not affect your consumption of meat, vegetables, fruits and brown rice. You can still eat a wide variety of foods.

There is no calorie counting with the low sugar diet as you have the option of choosing from a variety of foods.

The low sugar diet involves making small changes to your present diet. You will have to learn about food labels and where added sugars may be hiding. The low sugar diet asks that you eliminate refined sugar and anything that has refined sugar in it, from your diet. This way you will reduce the number of calories consumed each day, which in turn will reduce the amount of weight you may gain. So you will be substituting the sugar you use to sweeten your coffee with no-calorie sweeteners. When you are on the low sugar diet you will be substituting many foods that are high in sugars and added sugars. You will also be watching your caloric intake.

Benefits of a low sugar diet

The low sugar diet will have some long-term benefits on your overall health. By reducing the amount of sugar consumed the low sugar diet helps to reduce one of the main causes of tooth decay. The low sugar diet has contributed to the reduction in a major cause of obesity in this country.

The risk of health problems such as asthma, mental illness, nervous disorders, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, gall stones, back problems and arthritis are all greatly reduced when on a low sugar diet. One of the main benefits of the low sugar diet is the increased energy levels people on the diet reported experiencing, this is because their blood sugar levels always remain relatively normal. They also report that they were more alert and less hungry on the low sugar diet.

Since you are able to eat a wide selection of foods and you are not restricted to any particular food group, the low sugar diet is great for anyone of any age or activity level, who is looking to improve their health by making small yet effective changes to their diet. The low sugar diet benefits everyone by cutting empty calories found in processed foods from their diet. No matter what your dietary needs the low sugar diet can be adopted too suit you.