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Building Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is an important component for many sporting people and athletes. The ability to perform sometimes for them is directly dependent on muscular endurance. The type of muscular endurance that is needed depends entirely upon the type of sports one plays and the intensity of the activity. Muscular endurance is needed in sports like soccer, field hockey and rugby. It may also be required in sports that are considered moderate like swimming and golf. How much endurance training is required also depends on the muscular strength of the individual concerned.

Building muscular endurance

It is possible to build muscular endurance using weights and without them as well. Ideally you should combine both practices for optimal results and variation. Increasing the intensity of the workout over a period of time by adding more weights, if using weight lifting or by extending the duration can have the desired effects. It is important to take rest periods in between repetitions, at the interval of 30-60 seconds. It is prudent to train 3-4 times a week so that you have adequate rest to prevent injury. The quality of execution matters if you want to build muscular endurance. You should perform all the repetitions perfectly. You should breath properly with exhalation happening during the exertion phase.

Benefits of muscular endurance

Stamina and endurance are requirements in many activities and they can be just what you require if you suffer from certain problems like lower back pains. If you train the muscles that support your lower back you may be able to achieve a lot of benefit during endurance building exercises. Muscular endurance does help you achieve more during your workday especially if you work in an occupation that is physically demanding.

Muscular endurance and its relation with strength

Muscular endurance cannot be built without gaining some strength. You should ideally build some strength when you do muscle endurance exercises by default. However, some exercise routines do lay an emphasis on the strength component. Muscular strength is generally attained by adding more weight to your weight training program, but at the same time, you can not hope to build endurance by extending the time and number of your repetitions alone. Adding more weight can also help you gain more muscular endurance.

Aerobic or anaerobic exercise for muscular endurance

In reality, it only matters if you are into some particular sport like shot putt throwing or sprinting. You may need anaerobic energy for that. Anaerobic strength is required for sports that require short, intense bursts of energy. However, if your are into sports that require a lot of aerobic energy you should rely on cardiovascular exercise. However, most sports and activities require both kinds of energy so your program should focus on both equally.