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Gaining More Muscular Strength

Muscular strength is important because it helps you regain your posture. Increasing muscle strength is also useful for reshaping your body so that you look fitter and in shape. People who are aiming to lose weight also benefit from gaining muscle strength because it increases their metabolism. People who exercise to build muscular strength also have stronger bones.

Getting started with muscular strength exercises

We all must learn how to walk before we can run. How you will start, entirely depends on what level of fitness you are on now. You should consult with your doctor about starting on a training program. There is no reason why women should not opt for muscular strength exercises either. Women can easily decrease the amount of weight that they are lifting if they find that they are building muscle instead of getting toned.

Types of muscular strength exercises

Muscular strength exercises are not limited to just weight lifting. Although a majority of these exercises do involve the use of weights. Some people have very excellent results with calisthenics such as push-ups, sit-ups and abdominal crunches etc. Additionally the use of bands and elastics can give wonderful results. You should enjoy your training and it should be invigorating so that you take an active interest in the exercise program and stay motivated. So contrary to popular belief, muscular strength exercises does not only mean spending hours in the gym with weight machines, you can easily use free weights outdoors if you like.

Tracking progress after muscular strength exercises

The shape of the body is the number one indicator of good muscular strength. You can also, however, measure muscular strength using a dynamometer. Using a hand dynamometer, the assessor will ask you to squeeze your hand as hard as you can three times. The grip is a good indicator of muscle strength over all. You should be able to accurately gauge your progress over time using this process.

Muscular strength exercises or endurance

There is a need for both ideally. However it depends on how large you would like your muscles to get over time. If you feel that you need bigger muscles, then you should technically aim to increase the amount of weight you lift over time. If you do not like the idea of being big and bulky you can increase the amount of repetitions that you do and build endurance over time. In any case, your exercise program should be tailored to your needs, goals and desires. There is some benefit in both the areas and you should strive to attain a balance over all. Muscular strength exercises and endurance building do not have to be necessarily exclusive to each other.