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Knowing More About Organic Skin Care

Organic skin care products are now proliferating in the market due to the increasing number of individuals who are going for organic products. Organic skin care products contain ingredients such as plants and herbs that possess special properties that help in maintaining the glow and elasticity of the skin. These products do not contain harmful ingredients such as mineral oils and synthetic preservatives. It is also lacking of artificial colors and fragrances.

Benefits of using organic skin care

One of the benefits of using organic skin care products is that it does not contain harmful chemicals that may damage the skin and the underlying organs. With the use of organic skin care products, the amount of carcinogen entering the body is lessened. Once the carcinogen entering the body is lessened, the chances of acquiring chronic diseases are also limited.

The amount of pesticides coming into the body is also lessened when using organic skin care products. Since most of the skin care products sold in the market are composed of plant derived components and synthetic ingredients, you cannot avoid the fact that there are harmful ingredients going inside your body. With organic skin care products, you are assured that the ingredients used are free from pesticides from the start.

Ingredients of organic skin care products that you should look out for

There are products that are found in the market that are labeled as organic skin care products but still contain synthetic ingredients. To ensure that you are buying authentic organic skin care products, you should watch out for these harmful ingredients.

Parabens in the form of methyl propyl, butyl and ethyl. These components are toxic and can cause rashes in the skin. It is found in almost any skin care product.

Synthetic fragrances are also contained in some skin care products. These are toxic substances because there is no existing list of chemicals that are safe for the body. Any manufacturer can make use of the synthetic fragrances available. This is found in almost every cosmetic product. When buying an organic skin care product, go for essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances.

Another product ingredient that you should watch out for is the petroleum-derived ingredient such as vaseline, mineral oil and petroleum. This ingredient is responsible in blocking pores, causing dry skin and acne. This ingredient is commonly found in baby products and cosmetics.

Formaldehyde is commonly found in skin care products like shampoo and toothpaste. This ingredient is suspected to be a carcinogen.

There are still a lot of other ingredients that are harmful to the body. It is therefore better to go for the natural and organic skin care products these days. It is now widely available in almost all beauty stores.