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Getting To Grips With Physical Fitness

The concept of physical fitness does not mean puffing weights and gaining super human strength, but the concept of physical fitness is based on several different people with a different motive towards gaining the perfect body. The motive of physical fitness may differ from person to person. These motives may be low weight exercise for fat burning purposes or high weight exercises for high powered muscle building or flexibility gaining exercises or even accuracy and stamina development for the body.

Understanding the concept!

The concept of physical fitness not only includes the exercises that we do in the gym but the concept has much more to it. Yoga exercises, cardio vascular endurance exercises, power gaining exercises managed in gyms, flexibility exercises as done in aerobic, dance or ballet classes and speed, stamina and agility development exercises are all a part of physical fitness.

As I have already discussed, that these exercises are done for different purposes, the purpose might be different for you, like maybe for you the motive towards total physical fitness may be to have humongous muscles like wrestlers or to have a better lifestyle by the means of yoga or to increase your stamina in any certain sport that you want to face greater challenges.

Many people confuse the term physical fitness with having great muscles and super human power, but this is not so, your body building or fitness needs may be different from your next door neighbor. It might be so that you are into physical fitness to increase your muscles and the weight, whereas, your friend or colleague might be an over sized and an over weight person who just wants to lose his excess fats. For both of you the exercises will differ to a greater extent.

You will need to suffice with advanced and heavy weight power based exercises, where as your friend or colleague might only need to do some aerobics and jogging. So for you the term physical fitness means gaining power and muscle and for your friend this means losing fat and gaining a healthy life style. These needs differ from person to person.

Why physical fitness?

Generally the term used for this process is task oriented or specific fitness. The best example to differ and judge the differences between various kinds of physical fitness needs is the difference in the training routines of the military and sports players. The Olympic players need the kind of exercises that may help them build stamina as a priority and then power; the military service exercise schedule will include exercises that will help develop the endurance and feasibility to work hard in all kinds of atmospheres. As you must have now understood the meaning of physical fitness and why it is not to be confused with core muscle training or advanced exercising techniques.

Your daily walk for 20 minutes is also a part of physical fitness because it also helps you tone your body according to the way that you want it to be.

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