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Pilates: Is This For You?

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates has many benefits, if practiced consistently – it uses deep breathing to enhance lung capacity and blood circulation. Pilates also increases the flexibility and strength of your muscles, especially in the back and abdomen areas. Your balance and posture are also greatly improved by practicing Pilates. It teaches you to control your body and make it much stronger than it is at present. The health of your joints and the density of your bones improve considerably with the help of Pilates. In a Pilates’ session which is effective, mental and physical coordination are essential.

What are some of the moves practiced in Pilates?

Some Pilates moves include the Roll Up, Single Straight Leg Stretch, One Leg Circle, One Leg Stretch and the Hundred. You should talk to your physician before you begin with your Pilates sessions.

Why should you do Pilates?

The reasons for you to sign up for some Pilates sessions are umpteen – you will feel younger, feel less stressed out, look much taller because of your improved posture, be rejuvenated, have the toned body you always wanted, have a very focused mind and walk and/or move gracefully, like a dancer.

One of the great strengths of Pilates is that it requires a lot of concentration and coordination. This mind and body relationship, forms an integral part of Pilates. With the goal as aspiring to be healthy and fit, Pilates uses the mind to direct the body to greater flexibility and strength.

Make sure you’re wearing something that you are comfortable in while doing Pilates.

Why choose Pilates over all other exercise routines possible?

The benefits of practicing Pilates, stretches beyond traditional strength training or aerobics routines, which is why Pilates has become so firmly entrenched in the mainstream fitness culture. Dancers, celebrities and gymnasts all swear by it – because it’s so effective, provided you do it the right way and with enough consistency.

It’s not just about your body – it’s that much more effective because it’s about your mind as well. Your spirit is rejuvenated after a soothing and invigorating Pilates session. Apart from making you stronger, it also relaxes you and reduces stress levels considerably. Not just a few muscles, but your entire body is stronger after you consistently practice Pilates. This means that Pilates has the power to protect you from any future injuries that might occur. Your body is supple and very fluid, like a dancer’s.

How can you tell that something’s wrong during a Pilates session?

There is one golden rule – you should never feel any pain while practicing Pilates. If you do, then there’s something wrong. You should always talk to your physician before you start Pilates training sessions. You can stop the second you feel it is too much for you – don’t hesitate. You can always start again and work on challenging areas.