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Drinking Your Way To Health: The Attributes Of The Shake Diet

If you are having trouble eating the required number of meals each day to stay healthy, or you just have no time to prepare all the meals that other diets require, then the shake diet should be given some consideration. Even if you desire to shed a couple of pounds but are having an uneasy time doing all the things that are needed to be successful, the shake diet may be able to help you. The shake diet has certain elements to it that may be of help to anyone who uses it.

What is the shake diet?

The shake diet is a diet plan that uses shakes high in protein as a replacement for some of the meals had during the day. So instead of eating six meals each day you would have say three major meals and three diet shakes. There are some variations of the shake diet where all the daily meals are replaced with a diet shake.

A shake diet is usually made up of shakes made with items found in the home or can be made with a protein powder as its base. So a shake diet will include, bananas, fruits and vegetables, oats and in some cases low fat milk.

Many nutritionists believe in persons losing weight by maintaining a well-balanced diet that includes whole foods and fruits and vegetables. Yet studies show that the shake diet was as effective for producing weight loss as much as a conventional weight loss diet.

Usefulness of the shake diet

If you are seeking to kick start your program, you can do so with the shake diet, as it allows you to keep track of your caloric intake. So if you are on a strict caloric control and you are trying not to exceed a particular caloric limit, a shake diet can help you to stay with your set limits.

The shake diet allows you to vary what you use in the shakes. You can also adjust your caloric intake to find the optimum level of calories that will best help support good health and assist in weight control. When embarking on the shake diet you are advised to gradually ease into it. Do not cut your caloric intake dramatically, but rather you should take a more structured approach and slowly cut calories over a period of time.

How long can you stay on the shake diet?

If you use the shake diet for the bulk of or all of your meals, then you can be on this kind shake diet for about four months. You can then simply reduce the amount of shakes you consume per day to about three and include normal meals. If you are already having your normal meals and replacing a couple others, then you can maintain or reduce the shakes in your diet as you see fit. Studies show that women maintained their weight loss for longer periods of time when they consume at least one shake per day. Others who did not consume any shakes after weight loss regained all the lost weight.