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Skin Exfoliation And The Removal Of Dead Skin Cells

Skin exfoliation is the removal of the dead skin cells of the body. This eliminates the skin cells that adhered to the skin. Skin exfoliation results to smoother skin, if this is done properly. After the skin exfoliation process, the products that are applied to the skin are more likely to be absorbed. Skin exfoliation can be done in spas, health clinics and even at home.

Types of skin exfoliation

There are two types of skin exfoliation. One is the mechanical exfoliation wherein the dead cells are brushed off from the body. This is the process done for skin brushing or salt glow exfoliation. Another type of skin exfoliation is chemical exfoliation. This type is more on the use of enzymes and chemicals like the alphahydroxy acids and betahydroxy acids. These chemicals relax the glue-like structure that binds the cells. After it loosens up, the dry cells simply slough away. An example of chemical exfoliation is facial peel that is very common for these days.

Importance of skin exfoliation

It is important to undergo skin exfoliation from time to time because through this process, the dead cells are peeled off. At the same time, the younger cells are given the chance to be revealed and change the place of older skin. This process also allows the skin to glow.

How to do the skin exfoliation

There are several ways on how you can exfoliate your skin even at home. Remember that you should maximize skin exfoliation for at least one or twice weekly only. This is to avoid over exfoliation and exposure of deeper skin cells. Minimum of 5 minutes scrubs daily is still acceptable. It helps in reducing stress and tension. It is also good for decreasing blood pressure.

You can start from your feet then going up to your legs and then to the arms. Do not forget to include your back and torso. Do this in circular motions; this will relieve the body. After going through all the body parts, wash and rinse with cold water to remove all residue and dirt. The cold water helps to trigger the blood circulation better. Towel dry and apply moisturizer to the body to maintain the softness of the skin.

Important reminders that you may find helpful

Do not use too much pressure when exfoliating your face. Do not use body scrub for your face since the skin of the face is very delicate and sensitive. You should allow the peel to heal first before asking for a wax. The waxing process might expose inner skin.

Skin exfoliation should be done in moderation and with the right skin products. Over exfoliating can cause the skin to be dry and irritated.