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Knowing Your Skin Pores

Have you experienced looking closely at yourself in front of the mirror? Have you seen the small opening structures? These are your skin pores. These are the spaces where the hairs from the epidermis sprout out. The skin pores are also connected with the sebaceous glands that produce the sebum that is responsible in keeping the moisture of the skin. Aside from this function, the skin pores are also responsible in maintaining the temperature of the body. The heat is released through the pores.

Reasons why some have larger skin pores

You may wonder why there are some individuals who have bigger skin pores. This is primarily due to the heredity. The sizes of the pores are dependent on the type of skin that one has. There are some people who have oily skins and dry skins. Those with oily skin pores have bigger pores while those with dry skin have tighter pores. There are times when the pores look larger, not because it is really large but it is due to the fact that dead cells surround it and the sebum has built up around it.

One more reason why there are skin pores that look larger is because they are coping with their function. Whenever the body has an imbalance, like there is a need to excrete big amounts of water from the body, the pores open up. The same thing happens when the skin accumulates too many secretions, it opens up and causes the formation of gaping pores.

Formation of open skin pores

The main function of the pores is to excrete the sebum produced from the sebaceous glands. The male hormone manages the production of the sebum. Once the male hormone of the body increases its production, like during the puberty stage, the activity of the oil glands also increases. In order for the skin to cope with this overproduction, the skin pores open up and enlarge.

Factors that cause the formation of enlarged skin pores

Handling of acne. The pores are enlarged when whiteheads or pimples are squeezed out of the pore. This likewise causes the indentations and scars.

Inappropriate method of cleaning the skin. Whenever the skin is not properly washed and cleaned, deposits like dead cells tend to clog the pores. Once they accumulate, they exert pressure on the mouth of the pore causing it to widen.

Wrong use of cosmetics. Products that are available in the market are labeled for specific types of skin. Once you use products that are oil-based and you have an oily face, it worsens the condition. This prompts the skin pores to enlarge.

Treatment for large skin pores

First thing that you should consider is your diet. Go for fruits and vegetables that help tighten the pores. You should also maintain proper cleansing of the skin. You should also undergo regular toning. Before toning, steam your face for at least 5 minutes before. In case you already have acne, you should avoid holding and touching it. It’s important that you wash your hands first and not touch your face to avoid incurring acne.