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Swimming For Fitness And Fun

When it comes to aerobic exercises, there are some of us who would rather hide in a dark closet than put on our running shoes. Many complain about the soreness and the pain that follows a bone-shattering run. Swimming for fitness is a solution that many people are turning towards to have their fill of aerobic exercise in a low impact and fun way. Swimming for fitness is therefore becoming a very common phenomenon.

Is swimming for fitness a good solution for me?

If you are over weight, you have arthritis or you suffer from lower back pain you should definitely consider swimming. People who are overweight often find it very difficult to exercise on land but when you are in the water you weigh 20% less than what you do on land. This makes it much more easier for you to move your limbs if you are an overweight individual. Swimming is also much kinder on the joints than any other aerobic activity you can do on dry ground, so if you suffer from arthritis you can still enjoy a good work out by doing swimming for fitness.

Benefits of swimming for fitness

In a swimming pool you have a relaxed and comfortable environment. Since most pools have controlled temperature conditions, it may be more pleasant for you to exercise in a pool than in the heat of the day outside or the cold in the winter. You also benefit by having the supervision of lifeguards who will help you in case of an injury or accident. People mostly do not exercise in such controlled environments on land. Physically, swimming is much gentler on your joints and spine so you prevent injuries and if you already suffer from a disease like arthritis it can help you recover.

Increasing the intensity if you are swimming for fitness

As with other workouts, you should gradually try to increase the intensity of your swimming for fitness over time. You should generally aim to swim for around 1 mile in six weeks or a bit more if you are a beginner and you have never done swimming for fitness before. This is easily achievable and you can do it if you keep increasing the intensity over time.

Things to consider before you start swimming for fitness

Swimming is a gentle and effective exercise. However, swimming for fitness may still not be for everyone. People who suffer from epilepsy should usually refrain from swimming unless their seizures have been under control for at least 2 years. You should also not swim if you suffer from any other disease or condition that leads you to pass out suddenly. This may lead to a life threatening emergency that can be much more difficult to control than on land.

Swimming for fitness and fun with a pool at home

Swimming for fitness can be fun for all the family that is easily affordable by having your own pool at home. You could have a fastlane pool, the sort of pool where you swim and swim and don't go anyway, in your garage, basement, sunroom, or any other ground floor space in your home. Or a larger pool where the whole family can be involved in the enjoyment of a swimming pool, for instance a bbq, a party etc.

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