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Hair Loss Treatment From A Trichologist

A trichologist is a certified professional enhanced in the study of trichology and provides importance to the scalp and hair care. The trichologist provides treatments for the problems arising from hair problems and recommend the healthiest way for the achievement of good hair growth. Scalp care and hair problems are the main specialties done by the trichologist.

An individual can visit the trichologist for the reasons of thinning hair and the specialist can offer some remedies suitable for the promotion of more hair growth. At first the trichologist would gather the patient’s personal health history and information regarding the individual. Then particular attention is made by the trichologist regarding the health issues then, analysis is made on the remedies for solving the problems.

Hair problems are very acute and hair fall cannot be immediately stopped although it can be minimized with the help of a trichologist. Some of the main causes for the hair loss and scalp problems as stated by the trichologist are mainly due to pollution, intake of medicines, breast feeding, food intake, mental stress, child birth, hereditary problems and irregular menstrual cycles. Importance to hair care also plays an important role in the growth of hair.

Improper attention to hair care such as irregular hair baths leads to the accumulation of dirt on the scalp and these results in hair fall. Trichologists also state that frequent usage of low quality shampoos, usage of chemicals on hair and acquirement of different hairstyles with the existence of hair style machines often results in hair loss. Occurrence of symptoms like hair fall in patches, swelling on the scalp, scaling of dandruff on the scalp and prevalence of redness requires the immediate attention of the trichologist.

On examinations of the above signs and symptoms the trichologist prefers the perfect remedy to be undertaken for the reduction of hair fall. Medications to be used mainly depend upon the characteristics of the individuals. The trichologist usually examines the causes for the hair loss by examining strands of hair under the microscope which may reveal the cause for the hair problem.

After the examination for the problems of hair loss, the trichologists recommend to their patients suitable treatment that should be strictly adhered by them. If the problem is small, the trichologist use several prescriptions of some medications. If the problem is severe, the trichologist recommends the patients to undergo several specified hair treatments from the prevention of permanent hair loss.

This helps the patients on the hair care and the trichologist are quite qualified persons in giving suggestions relating to hair care. Analysis and diagnosis of the causes for the hair remedies are done by the trichologist since they are considered to be the specialists in the profession of trichology.