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Revealing The Ultimate Real Nature Of
The Type Blood Diet

If other diets are based on the amount of calories or fats you have eaten, the type blood diet believes in the characteristics of your blood to determine which types of food will be ideal for you. Its founder, Dr. Peter D’Adamo, believes that if a person eats the right kind of foods for his blood type, he will be much healthier and is not prone to acquire various diseases – hence, the type blood diet.

The general theory behind the type blood diet

According to Dr. D’Adamo’s type blood diet, it’s our blood type that will determine how our bodies will react to the various nutrients we are taking in. This is because our blood has its own antigen marker, which will then respond to particular foods. If it reacts negatively, then there’s a big chance we will develop a certain kind of illness. Moreover, when you patronize the type blood diet, you will be eating foods that are easy to digest and absorb. Thus, you will definitely lose considerable amount of weight while being on the type blood diet.

Believing in our ancestors

If such mentioned theories weren’t enough, the type blood diet is based on the diet practised by your early ancestors of your specific blood type thousands of years ago. This is because the blood group of today has already undergone its own revolution and is therefore unreliable.

Blood Group O for the type blood diet

For those who have blood type O, their type blood diet will be very high in protein as well as meat. After all, this was how people 50,000 years before had survived. Majority of them were hunters or gatherers and were very much dependent on the raw meat from their kill.

Blood Group B for the type blood diet

During 10,000 BC, Blood B ancestors were already wanderers. They had been traveling on foot to different areas, all over continents, searching for food and a good place to stay. Thus, a type blood diet for Blood Group B is made up of almost all kinds of foods, ranging from vegetables, grains and meats.

Blood Group A for the type blood diet

For this group, their type blood diet shall be composed of vegetables. At this point, their ancestors had already resorted to farming and were beginning to get rid of their hunting lifestyle.

Blood Group AB for the type blood diet

Logically speaking, since it’s supposed to be a mixture of blood types A and B, anyone who has such type of blood can basically combine all foods intended for Blood Groups A and B. Thus, they can take in any type of food for their type blood diet, or they can go and be a vegetarian.

Unhealthiness of the type blood diet

Because of the drastic limitations when it comes to the type blood diet – such as, you can’t eat wheat or dairy products when you have blood type O – it has been frowned upon by nutritionists and dieticians. After all, if everything is going to be based on the pyramid of healthy living, you need to have a well-balanced diet.

When you are truly considering a type blood diet, you should consult an expert before proceeding. You may not want to put yourself in more trouble later on.