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Hormones And Pyridoxine - Vitamin B6

Pyridoxine also known as Vitamin B6, is considered as an essential element used for the balancing of hormonal changes occurred in the women and supporting the immune system with the development of new cells. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) is also used in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and helps in the stability of the mind and behavior. This element also provides advantages for the children having difficulties towards learning and helps in the prevention of dandruff, psoriasis and eczema.

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) helps in the production of red blood cell and formation of sodium and potassium. Nucleic Acids like RNA and DNA are use in the pyridoxine (Vitamin B6). Pyridoxine has a closer identification to the disease caner and fights from the creation of the deadly chemical called homocysteine and this chemical has a close contact with the heart muscle. Women are faced to many problems like pre-menstrual fluid retention, premenstrual acne, nausea in early pregnancy, extreme period pain and emotional PMS symptoms. When the level of pyridoxine reduces it results in the depression of mood towards sexual drive, ensure the person on hormone replacement therapy and consumption of birth control tablets.

Reduction in the level of pyridoxine leads to nervousness, irritability, insomnia, general weakness, dermatitis problem, asthma and allergies. Some of the symptoms for the reduction in the level of pyridoxine are ridged nails, an inflamed tongue, variations in the bones, osteoporosis, appearance of kidney stones and arthritis.

The deficiencies arising out of pyridoxine relates to Vitamin B6 deficiency and has similar aspects of Vitamin B2 and B3. The body requires the presence of Vitamin B6 for the production of Vitamin B3. Male and female are recommended the intake of 2mg per day dosage of pyridoxine (Vitamin B6). The excessive dosage should be controlled when it leads to an extent of 2,000mg per day and it arises to a neurological damage.

People having the disease of Parkinson’s should consume Vitamin B6 on proper medication since it leads to inactive levodopa. Consumption of pyridoxine in the late night leads to horrible nightmares. Hence the consumption of pyridoxine should be combined with the group of vitamins and specified supplementation of Vitamin B6 and B2 for the required activation of the element.

Vitamin C has the presence of good nutrients like magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, linoleic acid and fatty acids. Consumption of the antidepressants, contraceptive tablets and undertaking of hormone replacement therapy leads to the intake of the above vitamins for a safer life. Since vitamins are readily excreted in the urine these vitamins should be consumed frequently in desired amounts for the good functioning of the body.

Individuals consuming high protein diet, drinking alcohol and allergic to mono sodium glutamate or tartrazine should increase the level of Vitamin B6 intake. Pyridoxine is responsive to cooking and sunlight and the process of Cortisone leads to the absorption of pyridoxine. Proper exercising leads to the excessive secretion of the Vitamin B6. The presence of pyridoxine is rich in dietary products like eggs, chicken, brewer’s yeast, fish, carrots, liver, kidney, wheat, peas, wheat germ and walnuts.