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Vitamin H: Biotin Revealed

Men are most conscious when they feel that their crowning glory is getting thinner over time. Yet, it is not only them who are concerned but even the women. Vitamin H Biotin has been found to help solve this hair loss problem since a lot of hair loss problems happen because of a deficiency of biotin in the body. This can be done by a regular intake of supplements with biotin since it is not effective as a topical medication. But, if the hair loss is due to genetics and biotin levels are normal, then vitamin H treatment will not be successful in curing hair loss.

The terms vitamin H, biotin, coenzyme R, biopeiderm or vitamin B7 pertains to one and the same substance which is part of the family of B-vitamins. Its functions include being a cofactor in several processes that involve the metabolism of fats, gluconeogenesis and the citric acid cycle. Carbon dioxide is found to be transferred through the action of vitamin H and several carboxylase enzymes namely propionyl coA carboxylase, methylcrotonyl coA carboxylase, alpha acetyl coA carboxylase, beta acetyl coA carboxylase, and pyruvate carboxylase. Vitamin H is seen to attach to sites in the molecules. This process is called biotinylation, which is indicated for metabolic processes that concern DNA and proteins.

Vitamin H is also concerned with cell growth, the production or synthesis of fatty acid, and the metabolism of amino acids and fat. Energy is produced through the aerobic respiration and the citric acid cycle that utilizes biotin. The levels of blood sugar are also maintained by vitamin H through the process of gluconeogenesis. Vitamin H is also taken to maintain the strength of hair strands and nails. A lot of products for the health of skin and hair contain biotin as an active ingredient.

It is not often that a deficiency in vitamin H Biotin happens since it is primarily supplied in excess by the bacterial flora in the intestines. However, when raw eggs are consumed regularly, this can lead to low levels of biotin because of the presence of avidin which is from the raw egg whites consumed.

Vitamin H can be used to treat seborrhoeic dermatitis, commonly found in children with phenylketonuria, a metabolic disorder, often inherited but is rare in occurrence. It affects the skin of the scalp causing to dry up and flake. It is due to a lowered ability of vitamin H utilization in the body. It can also help in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus since the synthesis of insulin and its distribution is affected by vitamin H.

Vitamin H Biotin has a multitude of uses, some still in the stages of testing and discovery. It is quite a good thing that the body normally produces it so it would have a continuous supply of vitamin H to maintain normal body processes.