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Body Building and Weight Training for Men

The process of maximizing muscle hypertrophy is known as body building. This is done through the combination of enough calories taken in, adequate rest and weight training. Body building is also a sport, known as competitive body building, in which various body builders are judged on the basis of how visually appealing they are.

Investigating the various areas of body building for men

In natural body building, competition and a healthy way of life is emphasized. Natural body builders are tested for illegal and banned substances. Teenage body building has teenage boys starting young. Many famous body builders started with teenage body building – people like Schwarzenegger, Cutler and Priest. Professional body building includes body builders who have won various amateur competitions and has also earned themselves something known as a pro card from the IFBB. Through various competitions they earn the right to participate in Mr. Olympia, the highest rung a professional body builder can reach.

The components of successful body building with weight training

Body building requires strength training, rest and appropriate nutrition. Weight training is an important part of body building. Micro tears are caused in the body as a result of weight training, leading to the soreness felt by the body builder after he works out. These tears caused by weight training are known as micro trauma. Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is caused by micro trauma after exercise. When this micro trauma is repaired by the body, muscle growth is precipitated. In this way, weight training contributes to body building.

So much repair and growth requires a special kind of nutrition for body builders. The energy and protein required by the body of a body builder is much more than a person of the same height. The increased muscle mass entails much higher calorie intake required than a person who is not a body builder but is of the same height. Proteins and carbohydrates are very important when it comes to body building.

Body builders eat five to seven times a day, and these portions are equal. Body builders need to eat at regular and fixed intervals of time. Body builders also consume a lot of dietary supplements to aid in their body building. Performance enhancing substances such as growth hormone and insulin are used in body building, along with a combination of the above mentioned weight training, proper nutrition and rest.

The pros and cons of over training in body building

Over training happens when the workload of a body builder is more than the recovery capacity of his body. Insufficient sleep, rest, nutrition, less recovery time in between workouts, and working out for too long, all lead to over training and to avoid over training these things have to be avoided. However, over training can be strategically used to the advantage of a body builder. For example, over training just before a vacation, gives the body enough time to repair and grow over the vacation so that more growth occurs. However, most over training is not used in this manner, it is inadvertent and wholly unrequited.