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Body Building and Weight Training for Women

No matter how many times female body builders have been told that body building is a male only domain, body building and weight training for women remains popular. In recent times, female body building is being taken more seriously and women are taking body building to the next level, becoming professional body builders. Many different body types are indulging in body building and weight training nowadays.

Busting myths about body building and weight training for women

Body building and weight training will not make a woman “bulky”. A woman can be a body builder and look feminine at the same time. Men and women are built differently, and there is no way a woman body builder will look like a male body builder unless she is taking in testosterone synthetically. Weight training and body building will also not increase the chest size of a woman, although it will make her back bigger. Breasts are made up of fat, and the only way a woman can enlarge her breasts is by gaining fat or by getting implants – not by body building and/or weight training.

Weight training will not make you either muscle bound or stiff – you can maintain and enhance your soft and supple body by working out. If you work out correctly, your capacity to stretch will increase immeasurably. If you stop weight training and body building, your muscles will not turn into fat. Muscles and fats are totally different kinds of body tissue. Bad dietary habits will lead to weight gain, and inactivity will change your metabolism for the worse. What is really happening is that you’re losing muscle while accumulating fat. In the same way, you can’t turn your fat into muscle. You’ll have to lose the fat and then accumulate the muscle.

Successful female muscle growth through body building and weight training

Weight training needs to be done with the proper intensity, training just enough so that muscle growth is stimulated and the right form. Motivation is a key factor in body building and weight training. You need to challenge yourself in each and every training session in order to get the best out of it. Doing heavy compound exercises as a part of your weight training sessions in order to facilitate effective body building.

That way all the joints of the area that you are concentrating on will get exercised. Weight training and body building need to be extremely consistent if they are to be successfully executed. You need to be really patient in order to see good results. You could log your work outs to check out your progress rate on your own – and then make the necessary improvements.

Even with these changes, never expect overnight changes to your physique – those well toned women you so admire worked very hard to get that body. Body building requires consistent and well planned work outs, the right nutrition, proper sleep and rest, and adequate intense weight training. Using progressive overload is required, but don’t over do the training. It doesn’t help.