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General Keep Fit Regime

The general rules to keep fit are simple and short, you need to maintain a balanced diet, stay active and take ample rest.

Maintaining a balanced diet to keep fit

It is essential for good health that you balance your nutritional intake according to your body requirements. Eating the right amount and eating the right food is necessary to keep fit. It does not mean in any sense, nor is it a part of the 10 commandments, that you need to diet and starve yourself to keep fit.

Eating enough portions of meals according to the amount of work you do, your age bracket and body structure and eating all the important carbohydrates, small amounts of fats, proteins and vitamins is equally important. Raw vegetables, beans, fruits, juices, milk, yogurt, nuts and meat once or twice a week should all be a part of your food intake.

Stay active, stay healthy, keep fit

Sleeping yourself away from food or life problems is directly opposite to what needs to be done to keep fit. Starting your day early with a short walk or running, going to the office, coming back and freshening up and running off to the gym or to the grocer shop, going out with friends or family for some dash of entertainment can only make you feel young, healthy and energetic.

Taking some time off

You need to take sufficient time off to rest your body and that mind machine of yours, before it goes through a system overload. Work and activity is not the only recommendation for fitness. An essential nutrient is rest and mental refreshment. Your mind cannot sustain its efficiency for long, performing the same activity one day after another and turning yourself into a workaholic. To keep fit, mental fitness must be maintained. Take some time off from work and enjoy your life. Go on a short vacation once a year, refresh your keep fit routine, mixing in some new activities like swimming, golf, tennis, family get togethers and picnics with your family.

Emotional fitness is just another important aspect to keep fit. Socializing with people, patching up broken relationships when your missing that special person and taking care of those you sincerely love, fuels your brain by signaling happiness to it.

Going an extra mile for yourself

To keep fit, things might be a little demanding. Routine medical checkups help you to grasp problems before they over power your system. The proper medication on time if need be, helps work against complications which would ruin your health.

Managing stress and staying healthy

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Living with it bravely and understanding that it’s not the end of life until you start believing it is, helps you make life a lot less complicated. It is easy to keep fit if you keep yourself focused on happiness and overcome your stress.